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Short summer dresses for beautiful feet

There are many fashionable summer things, but short dress has a special place in the wardrobe. To choose a beautiful dress it is better to approach a vacation to be ready. Here is a quick overview of the most fashionable dresses this summer.

1. Dresses with open shoulders.

This year, designers offer to focus on naked shoulders. So in fashion dresses with the most open top. Such models have great advantages: they allow you to showcase beautiful neckline, and besides, they are much easier to tolerate heat. Short dresses sleeveless and strapless is a hot trend this summer . If you are not very comfortable to wear fully-open dress, you will notice the beautiful models with wide straps and short sleeves.

2. Lace dresses

Stunning views has a short lace dress. For summer it is better to choose white color. Well look dresses in pastel shades. Lace is an absolute trend in recent years. It is used as decoration throughout. Summer dresses, too, not without a delicate lace trim.

Lace decorate everyday, evening and cocktail dresses. Clothing may only consist of lace or just have some lace details. The imagination of designers here are endless. In any case, lace always adds to the outfit and makes a woman more attractive.

3. Dresses with flowing skirt


Trendy summer dresses feature delicate details, contrasting décor and light skirts. Short model is not necessarily a tight silhouette. If you have full hips, you dress suit with skirt-bell. But the favorite of the season – dress with skirt-sun. Designers offer a variety of models, the bottom of which is cut in the form of a skirt-sun. The highlight of the season was flying easy silhouette. Dresses in this format look feminine and gentle. If you want to see stunning model look collection summer short dresses at Alberta Ferretti, Just Cavalli and other fashion houses.

4. Dresses


Very fashionable are short dresses in the spirit of the 60-ies of the last century. They are form-fitting and very feminine. In dress a delicate shade of any girl looks romantic. One of the main styles of summer 2014 is minimalism. Therefore, in the fashion collections of many simple, easy and comfortable dresses. Very cute look short dress with voluminous bottom and a short top. Spectacular summer dress-cylinder.

5. Dress shirt and dress shirt

A trend is a dress-shirt . It is ideal for those who prefer a comfortable casual style. These dresses are made from different materials: denim, cotton, viscose, chiffon and other Best dress shirt looks great paired with a strap that focuses on the waist. Interesting models offer Paul and Joe, Topshop Unique, Ralph Lauren and other

Summer can not do without dresses-combinations. This model thin spaghetti straps, made of light materials. Their design they resemble combination. On sale is a beach and evening dresses-combinations. Similar models are dress-shirts . which is also very comfortable for the hot summer. Stylish short dress or a long shirt? This question arises at the sight of such service.

Open dress shirt looks very sexy. It is not hot and comfortable, so for a beach holiday it works better than many others. Dress this species can be decorated with decals, embroidery, drawings or sequins. Interesting dress-shirts have Tommy Hilfinger and Moschino.


Summer dresses are usually used in air and flowing fabrics. The main requirement for the texture – it should be beautiful and pleasant to the touch. The dominant materials fashionable dresses are chiffon, lace, organza, lace, denim and knitwear. Thin and soft knitted fabric guarantees comfort, so it is often used for making clothes in casual style.

Trendy colors and prints

A classic of the summer season is short white dress. The optimal length is a little above the knees. Fashion strip, which may be longitudinal or transverse. Very urgent floral print. Dress in bright flower looks like summer is lush and beautiful.

As for the primary colors, the preference for gentle and pastel colors. Light pink, cream, pale blue, lilac, light-olive dress – this is a good solution for every day. However, bright dresses are also in demand. Eye-catching red, orange, blue and yellow models are in many collections.