Ladybug - children's clothing in Russia
The advantages of working with us: 1) Implementation without rows - You order a size tailored to specific customers. 2) You buy directly from the manufacturer - prices are competitive,…

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Trendy skirts spring-summer 2014
Designer collection of women's skirts spring-summer 2014 incredibly feminine and versatile. In the new season can equally be selected as the architectural forms and charming lightness and volume. Also, the…

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Beachwear for men

To men in terms of beachwear. of course, much less fortunate than women. If the diversity of women’s swimwear, skirts and shawls of all colors and picture is amazing, the men left to breathe and to choose between swimming trunks, swim shorts and Board shorts.

Melting is good because:

• tight hug and almost not felt, in contrast to the shorts. Accordingly, in swimming trunks, the man feels more comfortable and relaxed;

• for the greatest comfort in the fabric of the bottoms should be 50% plastic and 50% natural. Good melting have water repellent properties, well wrung out, dry quickly and let in enough air.

But there is a comfortable bottoms and minuses:

• as melting contain a large number of polyester, they are difficult to wash, and soak into the material sea salt starts to eat away at the skin;

• melting designed for athletes, not ordinary men. Many people find this type of clothing is too open and believe that men should choose a more decent option.

Swim shorts clothes. many men choose not in vain. Plus these shorts much more than that of the bottoms:

• shorts are very comfortable and the variety of their colors and prints can be lost;

• shorts are not “jumping” while the male swims or is in the water, so keep a good band. By the way, the gum is better to choose medium elasticity: it should not be too free, but there is no need to rubber band squeezing the abdomen;

• on many models swimming shorts have a comfortable pocket to store keys and other small things;

• thanks freer than the bottoms, shape, shorts conceal the flaws of the figure.

Board shorts are the best option for Windsurfing, although they are incredibly practical for a typical beach holiday. This type of service have won the love the stronger sex that many men have started wearing Board-shorts not only by the sea or rivers, but also in urban life:

• in Board-shorts are not hot, they pass the maximum amount of air, allowing the skin to breathe;

• very dense and not dying, which is very important for surfers;

• free, no obstacles;

• stick is not on the gum, and laces. This is useful for lovers of big waves so it is not accidentally left the man in the costume of Adam.

Of course, every man chooses beachwear depending on how he prefers to relax on the beach, what figure has and what style of clothes selects the most.