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Feedback about Children outerwear Lassie


Things firm “Lassie” is found on sale at a large children’s stores, such as “Children’s world”, “Korablik” and so on, the price on the jacket and special pet suits are not low, but still lower than REIMA. The firm Lassie subsidiary REIMA. This jacket bought in the Children’s world for 3500 rubles, but during the sale you can find cheaper. Manufacture Of Finland.

The upper floor rubber protected, not blown, not dirty, you can safely walk in the rain and it will not get wet. Very multifunctional. Not the brand, easy to clean by conventional wet cloth.

The upper floor is simply a very high quality, 4 season sock was not wiped, not even the slightest wear, but the baby fell in the garden walked. Calculated jacket at -10 degrees, but more than -3 degrees we did not dress, but my advice, it can be put at a lower temperature if under the jacket a lot of layers of clothing and if the child is mobile, for walks in the stroller at a low temperature, it will not work. There is a thermal coat which will retain more heat under the jacket. Wash her not be afraid, washed only in the car many times the usual powder.

In the loop there is a patch where you can write your name, and this is very important if your child goes to school.

Eyelet sewn qualitatively, for all the time usage was cut out. but it is rare.

On top of the castle is covered, not in contact with the skin of the child. Techie at this place there is a reflector.

The hoods extended visor, and also on the hood reflective strip. The hood is very comfortable, with a side has elastic bands that tighten the hood to ensure that the child is not blowing in the ears. I want to say that the hood is very good, does not fall on the eyes, keeps shape, dense, made according to the dimensions of the head.

The sleeve also has a reflector and an elastic band that secures the sleeve on the handle of the child.

Zip pocket hidden. Very convenient that it is covered, the castle walks by lightning. The castle had no problems at all.

Back inside the lining of synthetic material, which all this time had not Zakatala, not torn, at the bottom of the normal lining.

I washed the jacket on a quick wash at 30 degrees. Do not iron the iron, as it is not wrinkled.

Back downstairs there is a reflective logo as a company.

The hood is held on the buttons. This has not had a single problem since held strongly and between the jacket and the hood there is no empty space, on the contrary, he tightly to the collar.

This company we have another Jacket demi “Lassie”. which I am very pleased.

I recommend clothes from this company.