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Fashionable homewear 2014

We always want to look beautiful and fashionable at work, at school, at a party. The desire to remain for around dazzling and sophisticated does not leave us.

However, coming home, we allow ourselves to relax a little, wearing a shapeless smock or an old tracksuit.

FashionTime will tell you how to choose fashionable home clothes 2014, to even home look stylish and delight your loved his immutable beauty.

Fashionable homewear 2014: dresses

Very often women think that fashionable home clothes – this Bathrobe. We hasten to disappoint you – it is not. But a couple of robes in the wardrobe should be: one double and one satin Bathrobe. In Terry can be wrapped after taking a shower, and satin to spend the last half hour before bedtime. And that’s all! The rest of the time they have neatly in the closet.

Fashionable home clothes 2014 can be safely called a dress. which is fully consistent with the latest fashion trends. This year the designers proposed the beautiful half of humanity a huge selection of styles of dresses for the house, colors and materials.

Preference is given to natural materials and pastel colors, but this does not mean that bright colors should be avoided. For example, you can purchase elegant dress beige color just below the knee length. Or, conversely, to choose bright enough dress viscose. In the cool winter evenings on the shoulders you can throw tippet or a beautiful scarf .

Special emphasis designers have done on the long sleeves. Fashionable home dresses 2014 can be feminine with all the trimmings of lace and velvet or mischievous comfortable dresses-shirts.

For these seductive girls designers offer fishnet dress, decorated with ribbons and satin ribbons. Remember that woman even at home should look charming.

Fashionable homewear 2014: avoid sports costumes

Track suits, shorts and t-shirts leave to practice in the fitness center. For the house you want to choose different options. Fashion clothes 2014 for the home should be as comfortable and beautiful, elegant.

One of the most stylish options is a combination of leggings with a tunic of soft elastic fabric. This is not only convenient, but also beautiful. The tunic should be long, till about mid-thigh.

Instead of leggings can be worn and comfortable pants. Also ideal fashion clothes 2014 are stretch pants. They sit nicely and not cause any discomfort during movement. To combine the pants with a soft knitted shirt or comfortable blouse.