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Fashionable blouses 2013: current styles, materials, colors and decor

Every woman knows. what for. to easily and quickly refresh your wardrobe. just buy two or three stylish blouse. You know ladies and then. these trendy apparels able to save his owner in any situation. creating a completely overriding any way. suitable both for business meetings. and for more informal. Therefore it is not surprising. what many fashionistas interested in questions about the styles. the colours. materials and decor blouses. which are most relevant in 2013. So. take a closer look with these trendy apparels coming season .

Classics of the genre – the sweater. This blouse – shirt. with a turndown collar and zipper placket. very similar to the men’s shirt. moreover, this style in 2013 are as relevant as ever .

Fashion trend of the coming season are voluminous sleeves. With regard to their length. . perhaps. in this season the most pressing sleeves to the elbow. looks pretty attractive. giving a unique style to blouses as a classic style. and sport. However. if you have purchased a blouse with long sleeves. you should not worry. what you will find is not stylish. because they can roll. thus the length. you need .

In 2013 most fashion blouses with bows. which tied under the collar or on the chest. These robes look very feminine and elegant. However, if this option is unacceptable to you. you can choose the original blouse with collar – scarf. equally beautiful looks as tied. and loose .

With regard to trend fabrics. in 2013 the leader chiffon. Fashionable styles chiffon blouses look very seductive and sexy. cuffs with ruffles. their pleated neck. the open shoulders. lush sleeve – impossible to resist !

To compete with the chiffon this summer will be. perhaps. only lace and guipure. Blouses from these materials in this season have an exceptionally adjoining silhouette. focusing on the beauty and harmony of the female body. Buying apparel from such fabrics. it is worth remembering. they are always held in high esteem and are worn only with skirts .

Romantic style is inconceivable without playful ruffles and ruches. Designers in 2013 decided to experiment. therefore, their collections are blouses. are these charming decorative elements on the bodice. and on the sleeves and at the neck. The shows can be seen more daring models. fully decorated with lush airy ruffles .

Speaking of colors. it is worth noting. in that fashion blouse bright shades. and the outfits are all pastel shades. which have floral prints .