Styles of dresses for full girls and women
Thinking about how to choose a dress full of women first and foremost dream is to hide imperfections in the form of too curvy forms. But do not forget that…

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« Fashion-L  collection: wholesale sales service from the manufacturer
The business associated with world service, may develop in three directions. The first option includes the full cycle from sewing to implement things. The second requires the involvement of experienced…

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Pregnant fashion: your style during pregnancy


Fashion trends are not so much with certain variants of cut or length as other characteristics of the service: fashion in a particular season can be a certain color combinations, prints, finally, individual garments. Such flexibility of fashion even during pregnancy, you can stay stylish, easily updating the wardrobe in accordance with current fashion trends.

“Three whales” fashionable wardrobe pregnant women

The main components of a stylish wardrobe during pregnancy is always the same – no matter how changing fashion trends. Fortunately, some of these “basic” items of clothing remain always in fashion, regardless of season or trends. These include:

Jeans: dozens of brands that specialize in creating only jeans, offer hundreds of models of jeans Jeans: now and always for every taste, size and budget. Very easy to find their “ideal” model and during pregnancy: in the first or second trimester basis stylish casual ensemble can be normal jeans with low waist, and the later stages of pregnancy when the belly is rapidly increasing in size – jeans for pregnant women with special elastic insets at the waist.

Dresses-Maxi: perhaps the biggest trend today, the basis of your clothes for pregnant women. Several seasons ago, the style of the seventies along with boho-chic firmly established on the international podium, and the relevance it has not abated – thanks to the acquisition pregnancy dresses-Maxi instantly turn a simple closet in trend.

Tunic: a versatile option for all occasions. The number of advantages of the tunic in the closet of a pregnant woman Closet pregnant woman: what kind of clothes to wear exceeds any other variants of the so-called shoulder service: simple free cut and it is very comfortable, always looks nice, goes well with any clothes and allows you to experiment with decorations.

Pregnant fashion: major trends 2012


Juicy orange orange hue fashion experts have long recognized “official” and most trendy color in 2012. To include a bit of trend shades in closet in pregnancy is very simple: fashion favours the bright colored accessories, adding zest to even the simplest ensemble. Cheerful orange handbag, sandals or large jewelry made of colored plastic in the style of the latest Marni collection is just what you need to stay stylish even during pregnancy.

Metal shades

Fashion, as it is known – it is also a very powerful tool to attract the attention of others, and nothing attracts attention like the Shine of silver or gold. And if fabric with glitter was considered option exclusively evening, but today the trend garments is just the same, dresses, tops, tunics and skirts of various metallic shades, from luxury gold to noble bronze. However, it is not necessary to undertake a radical update of the closet: to make trend flavor in your everyday ensemble pregnant woman will help silver ballet flats or trendy sandals-gladiators of gilded leather.

Animal prints