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Short summer dresses for beautiful feet
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Choose an outfit for the office: trendy business dress

Strict style — not so boring

Many business women are faced with the problem of creating business attire, appropriate adopted in the company’s dress code. But do not despair and give up their own attractiveness in the walls of the office. Modern fashion allows each business lady look good in the workplace, in the chair, on the important negotiations. Ideal for this stylish office dresses that accentuate the flowing lines of the female figure and slender silhouette, without going beyond the permissible scope of business etiquette.

Dress for the office share some distinctive features that allow you to wear them in the workplace as business attire. When choosing a suitable dress should pay attention to the following features of the model:


Business dresses are easy to cut and classic silhouette of most models. This main feature of business attire, which creates a working atmosphere and harmonious style in compliance with the accepted rules of the dress code. However, the essence of this element of the service, as the dress is already a symbol of femininity and beauty.

Should give preference to models of medium length, slightly above or below the knee. Classic sheath dress is always true in the workplace, and to diversify office closet can such a fashionable models as dresses with smell, dress with voluminous items, dress-shirt.


You can’t go wrong if you choose for office a little black dress. Also pay attention to office dresses in various shades of gray and beige. Fashion bright pastel colors, and saturated blue and red. Recent combinations of contrasting colors, geometric and natural figure.


Fabric for office attire it is best to choose natural or with a small inclusion of additives added to make the material more practical and create the perfect silhouette. This can be knitting, cotton, wool for autumn-winter season, as well as satin or chiffon for the lighter models.


Modern models of office dresses are a minimum of additional parts and elements. The emphasis is on the quality of the fabric and the shape of the silhouette. However, you can decorate a business outfit with leather or silk belt, choose a model with an interesting finish to the collar or inserts of a different color and material.

Trendy office dress from the manufacturer

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