Men's and women's fashion suits winter 2013-2014
Magic wand for every woman on all occasions has always been and remains the suit. However, despite its versatility, each season costume will come under the influence of fashion trends.…

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Large size dresses to buy in bulk from the manufacturer
Shop dresses large size. Our online store is to offer our customers such women dresses large size wholesale . Available in our shop dresses from the best manufacturers of excellent…

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Fashion skirts 2009!

Summer is the time to showcase their beautiful legs. And even if they aren’t ideal, you can always choose a skirt that will hide flaws and highlight the advantages. Summer collection give the greatest scope for the creative imagination of designers, because the warm weather allows you to use many of the techniques of cutting and unexpected silhouettes.


Without skirts-pencil’t do not one fashion show, it more often than other models skirts flashes on the catwalk, it seems that the designers fell in love with it! And this is no accident. Whatever the pencil skirt you choose: an elongated or length just above the knee, with a low or a high waist, you will not regret it. The pencil skirt will accentuate all seductive, feminine curves of the body, while it is quite official. Suitable for pencil skirts: the silhouette of the hourglass, inverted triangle, if the hips are wide – choose a pencil skirt in dark colors. What to wear the pencil skirt: the obligatory high heels, dress up anything from a simple jackets and shirts to transparent blouses with ruffles. For the office, choose a pencil skirt with high waist, she will emphasize the shape, making it incredibly sexy.


Mini skirt is a great choice for summer. Mini skirts can be unusual, three-dimensional, with patch pockets or playful, with floral prints. How to wear a mini-skirt: not to look in a mini-skirt provocatively, wear it with sandals, taketomi or ballet flats, choose up closed and concise things. No need to point out that choosing a mini-skirt you must be confident in their legs, pedicure, as well as to be able cleverly to answer numerous compliments.

Tulip skirt

In the summer the most popular skirt-tulips, but slightly more elongated than usual and slightly wrinkled, such a little faded tulips. Or, on the contrary, short and “crispy” model skirts. Radical variant skirt with sharp edges. What to wear skirt-Tulip: these skirts will fit any body shape: thin, slender, and with a few problems in the hips. Only remember that the longer this skirt, the more binding the heel!

Skirt – bell

The skirt is bell – one of the fashion trends of the season spring-summer 2009, short bells or the real “bells.” If you have perfect legs and wide hips, choose the first option, if you are tall and have problems with hips – choose the second, however, this skirt will accentuate your femininity and sexuality, therefore, boldly try on on itself bells!


Skirt-sun – another versatile option for the summer. It is extremely feminine, but innocent and charming. The rustle of skirts, her movement when walking – all of this unforgettable tactile sensations, which elevate mood, you feel feminine, confident, and this only increases the ranks of your fans. Lush, multi-layered skirt is a great option for a romantic evening.


In the season of spring-summer 2009 fashion entered the Maxi length. So airy long skirt with floral print, have, as it is impossible by the way, for the hot sun of the city. How to wear Maxi skirt: wear sandals in leather straps to recreate the style hippie chic. Or high heels and a simple top to create intellectually – minimalist image.

Pleated skirt and crumpled skirt

The pleated skirt can be as low and high waist, in the first case, they put emphasis on the waist, the second on the hips, and both are suitable for girls with malchikov type of rectangle shapes. Another nice feature pleated skirts – they visually stretch the legs, even if you are not on the heels. What to wear pleated skirts: with more neutral texture of things, it can be tops, shirts or jumpers. If exactly structured “Gatot” does not suit you, choose wrinkled texture skirts.

Fashionable prints on skirts

Fashion African prints, graphics and unchanged for summer floral prints. For the heroines fit skirt in peas, lovers of ethnic – ornamented and embroidered skirts. Fashion color gradients, who did not buy things with the gradient in the last season, get this, they are just as popular. You can choose a skirt in a cage, in this case, it is desirable to have a slim figure. Was back in fashion denim skirts in the style of the 80-H.