Cocktail dresses, beautiful and fashionable evening dresses in the online shop WOW
Cocktail dresses –my choice In the XXI century, and dress you can buy from the comfort of home, without being distracted from work or walk with children, because at hand…

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Beachwear for men
To men in terms of beachwear. of course, much less fortunate than women. If the diversity of women's swimwear, skirts and shawls of all colors and picture is amazing, the…

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The trendy bag of the season autumn-winter 2014/2015

Bag – a very important element of the image of any fashionista. That is why the selection of fashion handbags need to be taken seriously. Perhaps the most important thing in the bag – it’s originality and practicality. Sometimes, choosing the right bag will accentuate your elegance and your individual style. Today, we will tell you about what bags the actual in this season. Last season, at the peak of popularity were soft handbag made of leather. Most of the models of jackets season autumn-winter 2014/2015 lost the softness and plasticity. To replace natural leather handbags come from fur, reptile leather.

At the peak of popularity are unusual, bright handbags. Actual size jackets season autumn-winter 2014/2015 – medium, roomy handbags. Today, the most well-known designers prefer comfort and practicality. The most important thing in the selection of handbags is not only the brand and style, but quality and a high degree of comfort.

Handbags with short handles. Most designers prefer small handbags with short handles. Please note that most stylists recommend wearing the bag in his hands, but not on the shoulder and especially not over the shoulder. Handbag with short handles emphasizes your image, making your style more refined and completed.

Handbag leather of reptiles. Handbags leather reptile look very important and rich. At the peak of popularity of the handbags from genuine leather and patent leather handbags.

Handbags of bright colors. Who said that colourful bag is relevant only for parties and friendly gatherings? The designers decided to dispel stereotypes and paid attention to the colors of the handbags. The most fashionable handbags of fall-winter 2014 – bright and original.

Handbags unusual shape. A fashionable handbag can be virtually any shape. The more details – the better.

Handbags made of fur. This model of handbags is popular for several years and is not going to surrender. Handbag made of fur ideal for evening dresses.

Bag-briefcase or tote bags. Of course, the designers did not forget about the ladies and paid special attention to large and roomy bags. Fashionable handbag bags can recall, as a child satchel and roomy bag.

Fine knit cardigan with straps. Clutch – one of the most fashionable models of handbags of the season autumn-winter 2014/2015. At the peak of popularity – luxury and exquisite clutches.