Famous wedding dresses
Every bride wants to be the most beautiful in the world on their wedding day. But not many designers have the talent and vision to create a unique dress for…

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Large size dresses to buy in bulk from the manufacturer
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Fashion evening dresses is the Life of a modern graduate

Evening dress should emphasize the femininity and beauty of each woman. Fashionable evening dresses are almost always complete presentation fashion collections, as work on them, the peak of creativity each designer.

Fashionable evening dresses of the season 2012-2013.g. characterize restraint colors and decor. These dresses choose fabrics with shiny textures, noble velvet, exquisite lace, draped and pleated, light transparent materials, open neckline, asymmetric cuts, open shoulders.

The fashionable styles of evening dresses 2013

Fashionable evening dresses 2013. bright individual parts, unusual textures and decor. Styles of evening dresses 2013 are focused on the area of the neckline and sleeve. Wide sleeves, transparent full sleeves, a sleeve in the form of lanterns, wide, decorated sleeves – that’s what distinguishes these outfits from many others.

Open shoulders – this is a classic that never dies! Evening dress, richly decorated with asymmetrical details, for example cut on one shoulder, or skirt with different edges – many variations were represented in the collections of 2013.

Also fashionable evening dresses in the trend of the new year have a pronounced emphasis on the hips, which is achieved by means of decoration in the form of peplum, draperies, bell-shaped skirt.

A great way to make a fashion evening dress attractive drape and twist detail – looks quite elegant and sophisticated.

Colors and patterns of trendy evening dresses

Evening dresses should not include various colors, because they are alien to the permissiveness and full emancipation. While designers rely on the brightness of the color, as well as a number of associations, which causes the color of the dress.

The decor evening dresses

Most of the fashion makers focus on the decor of evening gowns and accessories: draping, ruffles, laces contrasting colours, embroidery, appliqués, glamorous painting – all this will add to the benefits of any model.

However, it is possible that a plain dress nice colors and concise cut without any additions will be the best choice, standing out among a large number of eye-catching and vibrant models And offer to find out where to buy male vyshyvanka. Embroidery in Kiev you need to buy it in our online store.