Fashion bright dresses
Very often you can find fashionistas dressed in a long floor-translucent light chiffon dresses. Or girls in the lungs tunics variegated colors and blouses with floral pattern in combination with…

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Description baby dress knitting needles
Baby dress knitting is easy to increase, for this type more loops multiple of 10 Size: 18 months. Materials: 3 skein of yarn Mandarin Petit from Sandnes Garn (100% cotton,…

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Women’s clothing from the manufacturer, to buy women’s clothing wholesale cheap

Internet-shop women’s clothing Oddishop (Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Kharkiv, Ukraine) – Ukraine on delivery

Women’s clothing from a producer wholesale and retail

Women’s clothing from the manufacturer TM “ODDI” produces products of European quality at affordable prices. Our collections are produced jointly by Ukraine to Italy and has long earned a reputation as a quality supplier in the market. Trademark TM ” ODDI” can be described as a professional developer models that proudly deserve a place of honor on the world podium. Our company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of women’s clothing.

Online store of women’s clothing. Manufacturer of women’s clothing

The production of women’s clothing in Ukraine has been gaining momentum. The main advantage in the field of modern manufacturers are not only affordable prices and high quality, original design and creativity in the process of modeling products.

We choose fabrics individually, p. so you can afford to buy women’s clothes and look as fashionable and extravagant. When using natural fabrics keep warm and not lose the original appearance of the product. We both Producer’s and women’s clothing TM ODDI Mae m the opportunity for every woman to look stylish, sophisticated and unique.

Our Company began its development in 2010. Starting p proizvodi ü jenck th clothes from under its own TM “ODDI” we convened a professional designer s. artist s. designer s who even showed up on the international arena. Thanks to modern equipment, used to eat a lot of different material options. engaged eat qualitatively tailoring, and continuously controlling eating all the garment manufacturing processes. As for mass production, you can save time and resources – and so creates clothes for women.

Actually. we makes m its work only at the call of the soul, so you can enjoy and wear with pleasure clothes made with love.

Trying to products were establishments s already before the implementation of all finished products are tested for performance characteristics. Them one at a time check on the reliability of the connecting seams and color fastness.

Now you will discover little nuances – sketches of our models are made by hand and to develop a single model can be even spent about two weeks. The task is difficult even for a professional designer s. because they thoroughly think through the original cut of the product, taking into account the wishes of thousands of beautiful women sex and age category.

The location of our production – Odessa, Ukraine. Shipping is on the whole territory of Ukraine in such cities: Kiev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Lviv, Kharkiv.

During production, we adhere to the technological process based on the principle Atelier. That is, for high quality a lot of work is done manually. Collections are updated seasonally. In addition, the company TM “ODDI” offers a collection of Christmas costumes and prom dresses, clothes comes with 42 50 size. All products are manufactured according to GOST.

We still sew for curvy ladies “Large size”. These to Oleksii wow Great size and for women updated ejecutando in harmony with the fashion trends.

Women’s clothing wholesale

Our company provides wholesale women’s clothing. Women’s clothing is made sewing equipment manufacturers. All equipment is certified. Our products are sold at affordable prices and is a worthy competitor for many leading designers .

Only order female clothes wholesale. from the company TM “ODDI” guarantees refinement products. It is in our interests to decorate and fill the wardrobe of a woman, so she can feel comfortable and elegant in any situation.

Therefore, women wholesale clothing company TM “ODDI” always accentuate your individual and unique image at any time of the year. Always glad to cooperate with trade partners and supply models of any collection. Each collection is 50 items using different colors. Women’s clothing from the manufacturer on every day, never ceases to successfully demand among women.

Consequently, businesses in this area are interested in a respectable providers that prefer the successful development of the market of the fashion world. Order women’s clothing wholesale. at affordable prices is what can offer you our team. And this is one of the steps to achieve these goals.

Women’s wholesale clothing company TM “ODDI” is manufactured using high quality textiles and knitwear made in Italy. The main criteria of their own design is a perfect fit and flawless tailoring products. Women’s clothing wholesale from the manufacturer is guaranteed purchase and delivery reliability