Medical Clothing from America in St. Petersburg
The choice of necklaces was the specific nature of the tribes, which was the group, the more time the pale, national sun family. Body worn as evening attire, a variety…

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Ladybug - children's clothing in Russia
The advantages of working with us: 1) Implementation without rows - You order a size tailored to specific customers. 2) You buy directly from the manufacturer - prices are competitive,…

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Clothing from Italy: how to build a successful business

Someone thinks the fashion capital of France, but the experts in the fashion industry say that she has already passed the position of Italy. This European country called the quintessential world of fashion, because Italian clothing is perceived as a symbol of refined taste. And the Italian couturier are the most popular in the fashion world. Gucci, Armani, Valentino, Dolce&Gabbana, Ferre – the names of these brands on everyone’s lips. However, the Italian clothing is not necessarily the only clothes “Haute couture”. The secret to the popularity of Italian fashion lies in the fact that the uniqueness and perfection of style characteristic of Italian fashion at all.

Even little-known brands in this country to meet all the requirements that we demand for fashionable, beautiful clothes. Therefore, people who once tried on clothes Italian designers usually are not looking for anything else. The reason is simple. Italians use in their models, ideal-cut silhouette. It is ideal to get the same model for people of different sizes. While emphasizing the dignity of the figure and not focusing disadvantages.

Another obvious advantage of Italian fashion is its classic style, versatile and appropriate in any situation. In addition, the Italian craftsmen offer the entire range of clothing, including underwear, cashmere coats, evening wear, business suits. Italian clothing is appreciated by fashionistas all over the world, regardless of their geographic location, it attracts and Russians. That is why Italian clothing you can build a successful business.

To begin with, of course, it is important to find the best wholesaler that fits quality, and purchase price. It is clear that the Italian clothing should I bring from Italy. However, many budding entrepreneurs encounter the same problems (knowledge of the Italian language, the completion of customs documentation, etc.). Of course, in this case it is best to contact a specialized Agency.

Reliable assistant in this business can become the Agency Margo trade”. This company has an office in Italy. Therefore, managers Margo trade directly on site will have a number of useful services:

Will help to arrange all the documentation from visa to Italy, to the customs documents;

Ensure your trips directly to factories-manufacturers;

Pick the best goods at reasonable prices;

It will help you navigate in an unfamiliar country and will provide translators.

If you are sure that the clothes from Italy can be the basis for your business, feel free to go on a trip. The Agency Margo trade” will help!