Choose an outfit for the office: trendy business dress
Strict style — not so boring Many business women are faced with the problem of creating business attire, appropriate adopted in the company's dress code. But do not despair and…

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Fashionable women's outfits autumn-winter 2013-2014
Women's fashion suits season autumn-winter 2013-2014 are a mixture of styles: in addition to the already established themselves futurism and the military style was added elements of the design thoughts…

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Buy women’s skirts online store

Traditionally fashionable skirt is the perfect clothes for the office, casual Affairs, special occasions. Select women’s skirts today can include tens, hundreds options: simply plug the imagination. Designers are strongly recommended to follow the trends of the current season, but don’t forget about the main thing: the specific shape determines the final choice.

Online store Wildberries offers a comprehensive range of the most popular women’s clothing. Assortment includes all existing models of skirts. Understanding the main features of the item, girls will be able to understand, what is the best choice to make.

Conventionally fair to single out two groups of signs, which is crucial when buying.

1. Length. Trends 2014 open wide space fantasy: Pets wearing models of any length. Sexy short options will allow you to show the beauty of legs. Long skirts are a great way to hide any flaws (for example, curved legs). Absolute favorite remains a classic MIDI. The knee-length remains the most popular, versatile.

2. The styling. There is an incredible variety of styles, each of which is perfectly suited to a specific type of shape. The pencil skirt is tempting tradition office style, often with a high waist accentuates the hips and waist. The bell is a traditional form, perfectly balanced silhouette. An interesting option is the skirt-type container, and a Tulip shaped like a flower. This type looks good with skinny thighs. Straight Maxi skirt remains a safe bet regardless of the type of figures. To create a romantic image is good sun. Finally, a kind of elite experts believe the year – skirts, stunning silhouette, which is reminiscent of a mermaid’s tail.

There are other important features of the beloved female attire.

Materials. Modern manufacturers give you the opportunity to buy a skirt made of leather, model year from lace, chiffon, warm models from wool. By the way, many of the youth of the brand in recent times, focus on this article of clothing, such as leather skirt. Another classic – denim skirts.

The decor. Options for decorating products is much greater than styles. Wildberries offers a wonderful model in a cage, striped, lace. Sometimes the design has an impact on the perception of shape. This is facilitated by options with the smell, slit, drape, with pleats, ruffles. Pleated considered sexual option: pleated skirt is particularly fond of young ladies. The owners of large forms perfect curvy models with a wide belt.

Landing. There are three main types of landing, to choose which you want according to your own comfort: rubber band, zip and buttons.

Leading designers of the world recommend the ladies to refuse press and choose skirts: this incredibly feminine dress will always help to give the image of mystery, tenderness, sexuality.