Buy women's skirts online store
Traditionally fashionable skirt is the perfect clothes for the office, casual Affairs, special occasions. Select women's skirts today can include tens, hundreds options: simply plug the imagination. Designers are strongly…

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The trendy bag of the season autumn-winter 2010-2011
Autumn, the season change. What, you think? It's very simple - a change of season bags. To make the right decision when choosing a particular model, to decorate Your stylish…

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Fashionable leather jacket 2013

Fashionable leather jackets 2013 — this jacket outwear simple cut. Mostly, they have no extra parts are supplied as “lightning”, and others, a variety of fasteners. Jacket leather smelling topical as ever. Fastened, they can emphasize all the harmony of your body and unbuttoned – adds dynamism and confidence.

Fashion trends for ladies

For the fair sex, remaining faithful to the classics, there are beautiful leather jackets or trench coats, with emphasis on the waist, giving a feminine silhouette unique elegance and grace. The feminine model is used on the palm or even until the middle of the elbow sleeves are particularly practical. Finish as buttons, patent leather, suede and fur inserts and straps provides them with an unprecedented brightness and originality.

For the boldest and lovers of unusual designers have prepared a short, fitted jacket with leather ruffles, studs or fringe, with lots of rivets and buckles. You can often find models with leather braiding, various plaits and braids – they look unusually light and even air. A completely unique way to create are at the peak of popularity leather jacket with a hood. Demand and more brutal ways jackets with massive collars, a huge number of iron rivets and belts.

Fashion 2013 also offers extra long to mid-thigh model with raised collars and lapels decorated with pockets of various forms. In the fashion shows of the new season presents jackets to a hidden zipper without collar with extended in the upper part of the sleeves, which offer plenty of room to experiment with accessories.

The color palette

Colors this year are very diverse: from the dark, beige and white shades to bright red, maroon, orange, gray-blue and even green. Stylish and elegant look of a model with a combination of two contrasting colors, and composition of dark and white carries several shocking mood. Peak season – outerwear leather noble Golden and silver colors.

Offer for men

Mens leather jackets 2013 mainly represented simply elongated variants, but you’ll easily be able to find and most modern sports model. In the palette, as before, is dominated by dark colors: brown, black, Burgundy, although beige, gray and silver now meet quite often.

Models for men have many variations: can be shortened and lengthened, narrowed at the waist and free length to mid-thigh, cut in the form of a jacket or sport style with fur trim or without it. As women, they are decorated with straps and pockets, suede and lacquered inserts, rivets and buttons.