The trendy bag of the season autumn-winter 2010-2011
Autumn, the season change. What, you think? It's very simple - a change of season bags. To make the right decision when choosing a particular model, to decorate Your stylish…

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Fashionable men's clothing: autumn 2013
This week men's fashion is clearly distinguished several important trends are fashionable menswear for autumn 2013. If you want to keep up with new trends mens fashion, luxury collection designers…

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Ladybug – children’s clothing in Russia

The advantages of working with us:

1) Implementation without rows – You order a size tailored to specific customers.

2) You buy directly from the manufacturer – prices are competitive, Your buyer will be able to dress your child by purchasing multiple items.

3) Unique product – You buy something that others do not. Because our primary goal is Your uniqueness!

4) Environmental safety of the product – You buy things made from 100% cotton that passed quality control in our company.

5) Convenient system of payment (postpay) – You don’t have to pay all at once, the order is in the production on the basis of pre-payment, the second payment, You pay only once the order is ready.

6) Certified product – each unit is certified, an integral part of each delivery is a package of documents including certificates.

7) Loyalty to each client in Your city is not a transportation company? We will send baby clothes by mail!

8) Honesty and openness – we don’t give empty promises, seek sincere partnerships and always do more than is expected of us.

9) Maximum creativity – each piece of children’s clothing is 100% hande made in each stitch.

Cheap baby clothes wholesale

as a system for the promotion of goods

Where to buy maksimalno cheap Jersey with adequate quality? This is a key question not one owner of a children’s clothing shop, as well as specialists in the supply of large wholesalers ask the same question. The answer is simple to buy cheap baby clothes can where it is made, when purchasing children’s clothing from the manufacturer You buy the item from the source, and the fewer in the chain of sales less winded value on the final product. If we consider an ordinary way of goods, we will see a chain of at least four parts: Manufacturer – Wholesale store – Shop – End buyer. In this standard the chain of sales, we see three counterparties interested in profits is a manufacturer, wholesale base and store each of them makes a profit from the sale of children’s clothing. Think about how you can reduce the price if you reduce the chain on any of the above stages. That’s why the company Ladybug welcomes the work shops. And that’s why the company Ladybug produces inexpensive baby clothes .

The production of quality children’s clothing as the art of survival in the Russian market.

Today, many companies refuse relations with foreign (imported) brands of children’s clothing, this is due to many factors: the growing potential of the Russian manufacturers, and the high cost of customs clearance of foreign goods and the most important logistics. The only way to sell foreign children’s clothing is a premium segment and de-luxe-class clothing which dates from the market share directly with their branding, and marketing. In turn, the Russian manufacturers of baby clothes make their way to the market due to high quality and low cost. Currently in the Russian Federation registered about 5000 companies who produce children’s clothing and these organizations vying for a place in the sun, produce some very cheap products (for example: knitwear for babies) other deliver first class stuff, but trying to sell them through its own retail stores, thereby increasing the cost and blocking supplies to other shops. What’s the difference with our company from others? The company sells its packaging wholesale absolutely everyone, no matter You are a store or a natural person. The prices of our company’s budget . and sometimes very liberal . Main mission of our company is loyal prices and beautiful clothes in the markets of the customs Union countries. Cmake!