Jackets, down jackets
Page previous next In our catalog you will find first-class men's clothing, including jackets, coats and jackets. We guarantee our customers the durability and functionality of each piece of clothing,…

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Fashion for full 2014. Chudetstvo
On the catwalks of designers in their collections for full girls show the same trends, as well as clothes for the standard shapes. Of course, the model for full girls…

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« Fashion-L  collection: wholesale sales service from the manufacturer

The business associated with world service, may develop in three directions. The first option includes the full cycle from sewing to implement things. The second requires the involvement of experienced dealers. And the last involves purchasing clothes wholesale to follow its implementation.

Services « Fashion-L.»

Our factory is engaged in tailoring things for women of all ages and body build. In our work we use advanced technology, high quality materials, original items for decorating. Designers constantly create original solutions in cut things, their appearance. In the wholesale clothing from « Fashion-L” will be sent to all regions of the country, because buyers appreciate our quality and creative approach.

Cooperation with the factory is very beneficial for beginners in the world of business, and successful entrepreneurs. We release products without extra charges, allowing you to save on party and get more profit from their sales. We are always ready for cooperation, individual approach to questions received from clients. You have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the appearance and quality sew things, visiting the factory store by street address If Tomczak, 8 or appointment directly on the production.

The benefits of collaboration

Wholesale clothing « Fashion-L” will significantly expand the range of your outlet. We successfully implement not only the current trends and classic motifs. The creative team of artists, designers do not disregard any fashion niche. That is why you can easily attract into your store women who appreciate clean lines and restrained colors, as well as young girls who choose bright prints, light fabrics, and exceptional daring styles. In addition to the classic models, evening collections and original dresses we offer comfortable and practical clothing for Hiking, camping, things for the home.

We do not forget the loyalty system, which implies wholesale. Women’s clothing is becoming cheaper with increasing parties. The total price negotiated individually, with the increase in the number of titles is corrected and the unit price of the goods.

The store has annual bonus discount on permanent collections. Conditions of the offer are as follows: within 30 days you buy products at 300, 500, 700 thousand or a million rubles. Depending on the amount get a discount of 10, 15, 20 or 25%, respectively. This is a bonus you can use when you purchase any regular collections in the period from 1 March 2015 1 March 2016. We also have the annual pass, details about it in the section ” useful information».

Additional services

If you want to significantly expand its range of products and collections is not enough, then you will be interested with the offer clothing made to order. The factory will undertake the creation of an unlimited number of skirts, shirts and tops, jackets and blouses, shorts and trousers. We are also ready to issue the usual party, evening and wedding dresses. As for outerwear, our craftsmen sew coats, raincoats and ponchos. Turning to us, you will appreciate how beneficial wholesale clothing. SPb, everything else, is a region of free shipping.

If your warehouse has clothes with marriage or marketable appearance during the fitting, then you can go in « Fashion-L.» repair things. Cost of services is negotiated separately, taking into account the volume and complexity of the work.