Description baby dress knitting needles
Baby dress knitting is easy to increase, for this type more loops multiple of 10 Size: 18 months. Materials: 3 skein of yarn Mandarin Petit from Sandnes Garn (100% cotton,…

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Children's clothing wholesale in Novosibirsk
The action, the amount of the minimum order 5000 rubles! A wide selection of clothing for children and teenagers! If You want to buy in bulk in Novosibirsk children's and…

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Cocktail dresses, beautiful and fashionable evening dresses in the online shop WOW

Cocktail dresses –my choice

In the XXI century, and dress you can buy from the comfort of home, without being distracted from work or walk with children, because at hand newfangled gadgets that allows you to make purchases through the online store.

A variety of styles, colors and styles gone to the head of even the most capricious person, choose what tastes right to You! And if it so happened that You suddenly appeared on the horizon a solemn event, and to run to the shops there is no time? There You will need half an hour of time, the Internet and a few tips on selection of festive options.

To begin, you need to know exactly what kind of celebration You are: going to a restaurant, a cocktail party with friends, or maybe it’s the wedding of a friend..or even own.

Accordingly, the event type is generally divided into types of ceremony dresses.

Cocktail dress – this is a short dress for special occasions. In length it is usually knee, has no sleeves and collar. Often cocktail dress Assietta beads, sequins or beads, can be decorated with decorative elements type of bow brooches or lace inserts. This outfit is usually to complement the small jackets, also embroidered and decorated. which fit only the money. Typically, this dress to wear to formal events that start before seven o’clock in the evening. By the title You probably guessed that this dress made to drink cocktails and carry on small talk, therefore, this option is perfect for parties, corporate or family events, going to the restaurant. In the modern world cocktail dress is a great option for going to a club, casino or visitation.

Little black dress – this is the kind of cocktail or evening dress, knee length, necessarily black. This Option can be very versatile, because during the day it can be used as office option, and in the evening with the help of accessories to turn in a festive option. His appearance a little black dress is obliged famous Coco Chanel, who invented it in the memory of the beloved, who died. Since then, black dresses were no longer associated with funeral ceremonies, and gala. Now this dress you can buy at almost any point on our planet, and inexpensive. A distinctive feature of this model is the lack of frills and decorations such as sequins, fringe, and other small parts. In the modern interpretation of the little black dress Pets have sleeves can be different types of collars and neckline, V-neck, neckline, different length from mini and knee, may be present frills and lace. This model has become a favorite not only for designers, and fashionistas all around the world.

Evening dress – usually it is a long dress that underlines all the curves of the figure. This dress is designed for formal events scheduled after seven o’clock in the evening, such as social events or receptions, also in evening dress, it is customary to visit the Opera and ballet. For decorating these dresses are different draping, ruffles, loops. Often fabric embroidered with beads and sequins, adorned with decorative stones and inlays. The top dress is often made without sleeves, open shoulders, can be lamecki, or it can be a bodice-neck, which is held only by sewn-in cups. Favorite color fashion for evening dresses – the shades of black, blue and red. But there may be unexpected pastel colors, such as pistachio or cream.

So, we have dismantled nearly all kinds of cocktail dresses, and now You can easily find what You need!

A pleasant shopping!