Clothing from Italy: how to build a successful business
Someone thinks the fashion capital of France, but the experts in the fashion industry say that she has already passed the position of Italy. This European country called the quintessential…

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Fashionable leather jacket 2013
Fashionable leather jackets 2013 — this jacket outwear simple cut. Mostly, they have no extra parts are supplied as "lightning", and others, a variety of fasteners. Jacket leather smelling topical…

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Lina Ukraine – women’s clothing wholesale large size, trendy clothes for fat women in Ukraine

Clothing for women often is shapeless hoodie black or dark gray color. Owner lush forms disappointed sorting shelves with clothes, hoping to choose something bright, interesting and stylish. But very often they leave the store with nothing.

TM Lina (Lina Ukraine) and TM Patmore (Patmarri) – the whole collection is gorgeous, beautiful and feminine clothes for ladies. The emphasis is on the large size clothes for women .

Sundresses, shorts, pants, ponchos, blouses, Capri, tunics and dresses – and this is not the whole list of items you will find in our catalog of women’s clothing TM Lina (Lina Ukraine) and TM Patmore (Patmarri) . The new outfit you will certainly have to taste, because each model is created by a professional designer and an experienced seamstress, is a kaleidoscope of bright colors, interesting designs and stylish accessories. Attention to detail and model women’s clothes make it easy to combine evening and daily toilets, each time selecting eye-catching ensemble.

Clothing TM Patmore (Patmarri)

The company Patmore (Patmarri) – this is a high quality clothing for women . which features elegant models, stylish styles and diverse colors. Experienced designers TM Patmore create clothes that will emphasize all the advantages of a stately figure, giving it a soaring lightness and extraordinary comfort.

Constantly updated product range, availability of a wide size range and reasonable prices will help every woman look fresh, stylish and attractive.

Clothing TM Lina (Lina Ukraine)

Clothing collection Lina offers large size women’s clothing . from 48 to 64. Every week, a range of clothing for women replenished 2-3 new models. Therefore, our regular ladies never leave us without new things.

Quality service TM Lina (Lina Ukraine) always on top. In Russia there are more than 200 offices this brand. In Ukraine also been an increase in the number of stores. Currently, their number more than 50. This guide does not stop there, constantly working to improve models and assortment expansion.

The range of products

In addition to the classic models that do not go out of fashion, despite the emergence of many new products, we offer clothing for women . designed in a modern style, which is different bright colors, interesting shapes, unusual asymmetrical cut and the original finish. This outfit will create a unique image of a woman who is not afraid to be the center of attention. Large size clothes for women presents and romantic style in soft, soothing tones, different soft silhouette.

European quality, reasonable prices, a wide range contribute to the prosperity TM Lina (Lina Ukraine) and TM Patmore (Patmarri) . that allows the ladies to always look fresh, bright and stylish.