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This clothing brand who is developing it

Not to be mistaken, remember the following

This brand clothing is sold only in specialty stores . They are the official distributors of a particular brand. They have a contract, which they adhere to, and certainly don’t offer everything.

Multi-brand shops as they do not exist. Actually they are called sinks. This places the implementation of the quantities of goods that were not sold during peak season. Simply put, here are things that were popular 2-3 seasons ago. Fashionable stores try to get rid of them and send things in the runoff. Of course, this does not make them low quality. On the contrary, in these stores presents exclusive clothing, but she was already out of fashion. In addition, stock the shelves of stores can be collection, abandoned by the implementers (for example, just took off the deal). Not to take warehouses, factory sells them at a lower price.

One company store is only one brand, not two or more. If you see that the range includes dozens of brands, there most likely is a fake, despite its high quality. And if you decide to buy hoodies in Moscow or to order a dress online store, you must first carefully read the brand in the directory.

Experts recommend to order designer clothes online. There is likely to buy Chinese consumer goods the least. Especially if they belong to the manufacturer. But it is necessary to check everything carefully. In the section “Contacts” must be present all the necessary information, addresses.

The packaging is a “visiting card” of any company . Branded box, labels, certificates – all of which should create the impression, and only the real owner of the brand pays packaging due attention. The error in the title, typos are not acceptable. None known manufacturer itself will not allow that.

So, to summarize

Pay attention to the logo. One mistake – just give up on the purchase.

Look at the quality. Raw edges, protruding threads, tissue defects, no buttons – all this suggests that you offer a fake.

Carefully examine the packaging. In plastic bags or wrinkled cardboard boxes branded products cannot be sold. Keep this in mind.

And don’t forget about the price. In defense of high-value branded things I want to say: “the only Free cheese is in a mousetrap”. Should not be tempted by the cheapness.