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Men’s and women’s fashion suits winter 2013-2014

Magic wand for every woman on all occasions has always been and remains the suit. However, despite its versatility, each season costume will come under the influence of fashion trends. Suits for winter 2013-2014 differ in a variety of styles, shapes, interesting elements and textures.

Classics from Coco Chanel.

This season designers enable every woman to emphasize the dignity of the figure. Jackets in combination with strict pencil skirt will help to create a very elegant and feminine image. This costume is part of the basic wardrobe. Well-chosen accessories and jewelry succinctly completes the image, turning the woman in the business woman, romantic nature or Queen of the ball.

Woman in military style.

The fans of these apparels are very lucky. Military style again attacked podiums and won the hearts of strong willed women. Suits this style presents in all shades from olive to dark brown. To look strictly confident and noble need to give preference to solid tissues, and to abandon the variegated colors of khaki. Metal accessories perfectly complement the image.

Men’s suit.

Since ancient times women try on men’s clothing, often very successfully. This season the men’s three-piece suit is becoming more democratic. Women can wear short pants without arrows. Suits for winter 2013-2014 in men’s style will help correct accents, to hide imperfections and to draw attention to the dignity of the figure.

Unusual costumes pajama style.

The rich culture of the Eastern Nations had a strong influence on designers. In the resulting suit pajama style. Very comfortable, did not inhibit movement, soft and beautiful, it is perfect for young girls and women, who do not accept business style in clothes, but due to certain circumstances are forced to dress in costumes.