Children's clothing wholesale in Novosibirsk
The action, the amount of the minimum order 5000 rubles! A wide selection of clothing for children and teenagers! If You want to buy in bulk in Novosibirsk children's and…

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Sports clothing online store Casual
Sports clothing online store Casual – modern look for the active and stylish Comfortable and bright sporty style inspires many people to lead an active lifestyle and take care of…

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Fashion bright dresses

Very often you can find fashionistas dressed in a long floor-translucent light chiffon dresses. Or girls in the lungs tunics variegated colors and blouses with floral pattern in combination with coarse, heavy, leather shoes or boots. Typically, this image is completed, it is not harmonious-looking, wide-brimmed hats.

Ordinary people will think that these girls came to us from the sixties of the twentieth century – pores children of the sun hippies, whose slogan was “peace in the world”. However, it is negligent combination in clothing – new style of people close to the creative state of mind, which is called boho-chic. In short, it’s a Gypsy trend, which sometimes comes in fashion then as rapidly goes out of it. However, as they say, fashion is what we is, and for many, this style has become a real satellite image. He not only helps self-expression, but also extremely convenient and simple. If You liked this style, we strongly recommend you to buy knitted dress with large floral print.

No wonder it is considered that all the once popular fashion trends come back again and again. A good example of this belief is the style of boho-chic, which regained relevance in 2000. Many fashionable Hollywood stars are fans of this sloppy style, examples can be Olsen twins, Kate moss or Kirsten dunst. As you know, public people always in trend, they are guided mass, and therefore raschlenenii at first glance, the dress style began to gain popularity in the society.

Typically, the adherents of “Gypsy trend” are people of creative professions. And no wonder, because this style originates in the nineteenth century. At that time, the artists and all the Bohemians wore long and loose zvlastny dress or airy blouse. In the mid-sixties of the twentieth century followers of style boho-chic was Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot, these stars sloppy clothes began to appear on the pages of glossy magazines. One of the admirers of boho-chic was the Muse woody Allen – Diane Keaton.

The contemporary relevance of the style of boho-chic in no way associated with the return of the hippie culture. Rather, it is a sign of protest and opposition to the nauseating boring and polished glamour.

Slightly softer look collection brand Blumarine. During the show, the models were dressed in a light lace and floral hoops on the head. Fashion designer Rachel Zoe stylist series “Sex and the city”, the public showed how creative people dress in her home state. This slacks, irregular tops and massive long jewelry.